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The dispatcher on VH-YID reported looking under the aircraft and observing that the A320 was stopped.The dispatcher reported then waiting for about 1520 seconds to confirm the aircraft remained stationary.The controller advised the crew of that a Jetstar A320 was entering the apron behind them for bay D2 and that when that traffic was 'on the gate', pushback from bay E1 was approved.The flight crew of VH-YID reported that they saw the Jetstar A320 pass behind them from the reflection in the terminal window in front of their parked aircraft.In another, which takes place at a kosher sushi restaurant, the two men fight, in Yiddish, over the affection of a woman (played by “Big Bang Theory” actress Mayim Bialik), not realizing that she can understand everything they are saying.In creating “Yid Life Crisis,” Batalion and Elman said they wanted to challenge perceptions both of Yiddish and Judaism.They have also filmed special episodes in Tel Aviv and London.

The 737 was being operated by Virgin Australia Airlines on a flight to Sunshine Coast Airport.

Forty seconds later, the crew re-transmitted the same message.

The message was acknowledged by the controller, who requested to be advised when the aircraft was at the gate.

The captain of VH-YID relayed the pushback approval to the dispatcher, including that it could only commence once the A320 was on the gate.

The dispatcher was standing to the right of the aircrafts nose.

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