Years dating before marriage

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Years dating before marriage

Sometimes this leads to successful marriages, while others don't last more than a year.

Not everyone agrees that getting married after dating for such a short period of time is a wise decision, but these situations are often unique.Waiting to put a ring on it for at least a year or two (or even three) is a big plus. The very poor are more likely to divorce than the wealthy, though there are diminishing returns to increasing wealth until you hit the really big bucks.Strong, shared religious values are apparently a bonus. Middle-class couples earning between ,000-125,000 differ little from one another.For example, a widowed man might wait a year or two before dating again and then marry almost immediately when finally dating a new woman.Some widowers spend more time waiting, but the majority don't and remarry rather quickly.

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They have used their time during dating to get to know things about each other that one doesn't usually learn while trying to impress the other person during short-term dating.