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Xp clients not updating dns

I don't know the specific conditions that triggers this behaviour.

Fortunately, we can force Windows to do a DNS lookup by using a FQDN (fully qualified domain name).

Maybe wolfman.is listed in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts ?

Unfortunately, it seems that Windows' command doesn't always attempt a DNS lookup.The only way I figured this out was by using Wire Shark.I noticed that the destination IPs for all the queries were going to IPs on my work's internal network.Just disable Netbios and Ping will use DNS as first priority and append the registered DNS Surffic on the interface to your hostname.I have just had this problem, and found something quite peculiar, and managed to fix it Lol Basically, if you have any entries in your hosts file, that are the same as the IP your ping is trying to resolve to, it will fail.

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I had the same problem on a Windows 2012R2 (=8.1) system, and tried all the above suggestions, but none of them would fix it: - Pinging the fully qualified name worked. - Both worked on several other systems, that had the same OS and apparently the same configuration.

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