Www crazy wild dating

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Like, how on Earth did she win the heart of every goddamn dude on the block? None of it added up, and you and all of your friends would collectively ponder, "What the hell is it about this whacked out chick that guys like?

Do you know what makes a girl stand out from the rest in a man’s eyes?

While it’s meant to be a little wild and crazy, it’s not meant to land people in the hospital or in jail, so just keep that in mind when playing the game!

But still, you don’t want the game to be a snooze fest.

Once I cleaned up my act, went to therapy and got on le crazy meds, I stopped pulling so hard.

In fact, I used to find myself perplexed at how the more I let my freak flag fly, the more the people I dated became obsessed with me. Trust me, crazy girls just can't repress their crazy.

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To help you mix it up, whether you’re playing with friends, with a guy you like, with a group of people at a party, and so on, we’ve created the ultimate list of dares that are fun, wild, and totally legal!

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