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Who is matt dillon currently dating

Matt Dillon stands in the elevation of 6 ft (1.82m).

The Heartthrob actor has made an astounding net worth of million kind his own acting and directing career.

He also attended Hommocks Middle School and throughout this time he fortunately got an opportunity to work from the teenaged movie On the Edge at 1978.

He fell out of college for quite a while and afterwards combined the Mamaroneck High School.

Matt Dillon is a 53-year-old American actor and film director.

He debuted in Hollywood with "Over the Edge" (1979) at the age of 14.

He’s American and goes back to the Irish warrior with a German and Scottish ancestry.

This role earned him nominations for an Academy award, Golden Globe ... It's hard to find actors you actually deal with, and he deals with you.

[on working with Gene Hackman on Target (1985)] Gene Hackman's good to work with.

His younger brother, Kevin Dillon is also a favorite Hollywoods actor who’s famous for his role in HBO comedy show, ‘Entourage’.

Alex Raymond is the sister of the grandma who’s the renowned cartoonist and the creator of the comic strip ‘Flash Gordon’,” ‘Jungle Jim’ along with ‘Rip Kirby’.

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He worked on several films and show through his 37 years performing profession.