Who is joe don rooney dating

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Who is joe don rooney dating

He also looked concerned when Maddie came home when she hurt her knee.

Joey also told Liv and Parker to bring her back safe, when she fell into the tunnels.

They have a brothers-like friendship and Joey mentions to Josh that he is the best friend he has ever had.

(See Josh and Joey (relationship) for more information) (Good Friend) Diggie sometimes serves as a mentor to Joey, he gets very clingy, because he usually looks up to him on being the cool kid.

Joey can be gullible at times, and believed everything Luke told him about what Emma "likes".

In Team-A-Rooney Joey (and Parker) were hiding a secret from Karen, which was about Parker letting spiders out which ended up on Karen's back.Munch (by Parker) Jo-Jo (by Chambers and himself) The Stink Ninja (by school) Joe Baby J J-dog Joey (by everyone)Beautiful Little Rat (Principal Kneebauer) Cat Shirt Guy (by everyone) Falcon Jo (by Maddie)Man (by Holden)Little Man (by Willow)My Tech Savvy Sidekick (by Josh)Jax Von Hapsburg (role in Voltage and his and Josh's movies)Ceiling monkey (by Parker in the episode Rate-A-Rooney)Pete Rooney (Father) Karen Rooney (Mother) Liv Rooney (Older Sister) Maddie Rooney (Older Sister) Parker Rooney (Younger Brother) Dena (Aunt) Ruby (Cousin) Great-Gran (Great Grandmother; Deceased) Grandma Janice (Grandmother) Melanie (Unknown) Craig (Cousin)Josh Willcox (Best Friend)Artie Smalls (Frenemy)Willow Cruz (Close Friend)Diggie Smalls (Good Friend)Skippy Ramirez (Close Friend)Parker Rooney (Best Friend/Brother)Skyler Emma Ross Alex Val Wishart Finch Joseph "Joey" Gilligan Rooney is the deuteragonist on the Disney Channel, Original Series, Liv and Maddie.He is the younger brother of Liv and Maddie, and the older brother of Parker, making him the middle child of the family.He was initially childish in earlier seasons, wearing cat-themed clothes but in Season 4 he matures drastically, undergoing great changes by dressing more maturely.He is the third out of four children of the Rooney family and is the oldest brother in the Rooney family.

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Despite that Josh and Joey haven't hung out much alone, they appear to be good friends and they are first properly seen hanging out together at Goofy Garry's in Scoop-A-Rooney, becoming closer and good friends.

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