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Jessica screams for it to stop and says they will do as they are told.

She begins taking off her clothes and tells him that it will seem like she is a virgin, but she isn't. Sarah has him burned over and over, before telling the guards to take both subjects back to their cells.

James is first introduced to Jessica at the vampire camp secretly run by Truman Burrell.

In order to convince Jason he made a mistake, Sarah Newlin makes him watch the "Copulation" study.

Jessica doesn't want to because she doesn't know him and there is an audience.

James says that he would visit his father and tell him what a good man he is.He is uniquely noble among his kind, as he shows to Jessica when he refuses to have sex with her and has one of his fangs broken as a result.James feels that some vampires think they have to "forfeit their souls" when they are turned but he disagrees.He says that he just decided not to let his humanity go, and it was just that simple for him. While his birth-date is never mentioned, James was most likely born during the late 1940's-early 1950's.James had a best friend named Danny Monahan; whom lived across the street from him since they were kids. He was against the Vietnam War, but had many friends who died during their military service.

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She has both Steve and James placed in the white circular room.

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