Who is gretechen bonaduce dating now

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Who is gretechen bonaduce dating now

Sara Foster also hit back at critics on Saturday and said the “age difference [between David Foster and Mc Phee] means nothing” and that people should “mind their own business.” “People need to just get over it,” she told the magazine.

Sara Foster has previously gushed about her future stepmother.

“We approve of whoever is going to be good to my dad; at the end of the day and we’re very honest about it,” Foster told Us Weekly last December.

“If we ever thought that anyone was in something for the wrong reasons, we would be very vocal about it.” “We just want someone that’s going to treat him well and that cares about him, and I think he’s with someone right now that really does,” she added.

Erin — who is a year older than Mc Phee — commented on her father’s Instagram post, “Mommy,” while Sara jokingly responded, “Out of the country.

"[It's] hard to maneuver when you're in show business. )—was bartending in Miami in 2003 when the actor asked her to help him hide from fans swarming the establishment where she worked.

This pair first met when Bullock took her godson on a tour of James' Monster Garage.

He married second wife Gretchen Hillmer the same day he met her on a blind date in 1990. According to People, Bonaduce and Railsback have been dating for three years.

David Foster’s daughter Sara said her father’s “essence and aura” has always attracted women, even her friends.

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But, fear not, Bonaduce also gave Railsback a more run-of-the-mill diamond ring in a white gold setting.