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Though the information on Kang’s education is unknown, he studied in Canada once.His nationality is Korean and his ethnicity is Asian.I proceeded to download their MVs and realised that they were previews only.

He changed his birth name when his relatives and friend found it difficult to pronounce. Kang, on a suggestion of his teacher, started and learned how to dance. From Junior high school, Kang used to practice B-Boying and has ended up winning first place in Rookie B-Boying Battle in Busan.At an interview with news outlet Sports Chosun, Hyun Bin explained, “There wasn’t any particular reason why I went public with my relationship.I just admitted it because it’s the truth, but that doesn’t mean I want to open up my whole private life.” He emphasized his wish to draw a line between public and private matters, saying, “Kang Sora said she wouldn’t be able to come to the VIP press conference for ‘Confidential Assignment’ because she has her own plans.I also don’t want the spotlight to be on our relationship.” Meanwhile, Hyun Bin’s upcoming movie “Confidential Assignment” will be premiering on January 18.It didn’t matter that the movie told the devastating story of a group of climbers who had to fight for their lives after a catastrophic blizzard hit them – there were casualties, sadly – while they were on the mountain.

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Forbes ranked him as the fourth most powerful celebrity on their 2019 Korea Power Celebrity list, making him the only individual among groups in the top 5. The famous K-pop stars Kang Daniel and Park Jihyo are in love with each other.