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In 2009 declared Aubry the 2nd "Male Model Icon of All-time."After nearly five years together, Halle and Gabriel split in April 2010. While Kim's mom, Kris Jenner, told E Online the two are just friends, Perez Hilton reports that they were also spotted this weekend at a Mexican restaurant in Sherman Oaks this past weekend.

Reports said the French-Canadian model initiated the split, citing their age difference (he was 34, she was 43) as a factor. The Twitterverse erupted this week when photos surfaced of Kim Kardashian and Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, sitting awfully close to each other at a Lakers game.

Gabriel is signed to Wilhelmina Models in New York City and Beatrice Model agency in Milan.

On March 16, 2008, Gabriel became a father when girlfriend Halle Berry gave birth to their daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubry, in Los Angeles.

And what’s more, this rapper is considerably younger than not only her last, but herself as well!

Halle Berry actually has more than a few celebrity relationships under her belt, including an abusive one that cost her most of her hearing in her left ear; she has yet to name the man, simply stating that he is famous.

In one of the last stories I wrote about them, I pointed out that if all of the sources and insiders have so much information about Halle and Gabriel, why didn’t we find out about their breakup when it happened, several months ago?

Theirs appeared to be a pretty traditional celebrity marriage with the exception of one instance in which Martinez came to blows with model Gabriel Aubry, whom Berry was seeing before him and was currently involved with Berry in a custody battle over their daughter.

In November 2012, the two men wound up visiting the hospital for injuries they inflicted on each other and the brawl ended with them getting restraining orders against each other.

It was said that Martinez started the fight, at one point even threatening to kill Aubry. While the split was said to be amicable and there was simply no more gas in the relationship’s tank, it was alleged that the incident with Gabriel Aubry was quite common, and the split came from Martinez’s refusal to have his , the two are having fun together and Webby appeals to Berry’s “weakness for bad boys,” while also making her feel younger (an age-gap relationship will do that).

Unfortunately, further information about this celebrity couple is scarce, such as how they met and how long Berry has had a younger boyfriend; is it possible her marriage fell apart because of an affair?

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And it doesn’t look like new info will be coming anytime soon, as Webby tweeted a newspaper clipping where he said that he, “can’t confirm or deny;” though it can be easy to take any variation of “no comment” as meaning “yes.” Either way, Halle Berry is somewhat single again and 2016 looks to be very interesting for her love life, whether Chris Webby is the new man in it or not!

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