Who is erica badu dating

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Who is erica badu dating

After she prepares herself, fear is never a part of it.

So we were happy to learn that she recently spoke with “The Breakfast Club” crew.

I was afraid to wear my greatness, which meant, I could be in a relationship and dim my light for others.” “I could be around other artists and dim my light for others,” he continued. I could get around friends who I felt like I might make them uncomfortable ’cause I was doing something that they hadn’t maybe achieved yet or they weren’t happy with the way they were so, I would dim my light for others.” Embed from Getty Images While Common nursed his broken heart, he began to read books about self-exploration and came to a life-changing conclusion.

“I learned that you can never dim your light,” he said.

Speaking in 2014 with Vibe, Andre discussed his relationship with his former ‘baby mama’. I don’t have any idea what Seven is going to choose to do, but he knows how to be disciplined and how to learn, and because of that he’s one of the top students in his school, and one of the top students in Dallas.”Along with being very involved in her children’s schooling, Erykah has chosen a vegan lifestyle for them.

She tells People, “When Seven was born I was a vegetarian and his father [Andre 3000] was too, so it was a natural progression for him in life to eat the things we eat… It’s just what’s in the house.”In her interview with People, Badu revealed that she birthed all three children at home.

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She tells the outlet that she preferred having her children in a “natural” environment, where there wasn’t too much fuss.