Who is dolla dating

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Who is dolla dating

Readers began contacting him, asking for dating advice.

He figured there might be a business opportunity in doling out relationship advice. Within three months of starting The Professional Wingman, Edwards was pursuing the business full time with clients across the U. In January, he moved to New York City to focus on a growing client base there.

Like Edwards and Keegan, his clientele is made up of both men and women.

At age 49 and currently in his second marriage, Wygant says his life experience gives him an advantage as a dating specialist. "Although they may be good at being attractive and picking people up, they haven't been through the relationship gamut.

"The difference between those who are successful at dating and those who aren't is a matter of preparation.

People who are prepared are more likely to take that action.

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Wygant’s business includes one-on-one coaching -- his fees range from 0 per hour up to ,000 for longer term projects -- as well as selling his books, ebooks and downloadable audio files.

Prices can range from 0 an hour for coaching services to more than ,000 for group learning "boot camps" and other long-term programs.Revenues are on pace to increase more than 130 percent this year over 2010, Edwards says."There's a bigger demand for this type of service than people might think," he says.Sipping a whiskey on the rocks, Thomas Edwards, 26, listens intently to a man across the bar in Manhattan's bustling Union Square area."I have no idea where to meet or even talk to new people," confesses the man, who arranged this private meeting with Edwards. I need help figuring this dating thing out." Dating is something Edwards knows a thing or two about.

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In the movie, Hitch says: "No matter what, no matter when, no matter who -- any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet.

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