Who is dating who in wwe

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Who is dating who in wwe

“It was made out of anger and emotion and it wasn’t what it looked like.

I had been out of the house and living on my own for quite some time before that whole situation.

Carmella said: “Oh my God.“That is the most insane rumour because at the time that was when I broke up with my ex.“And because John lives in Tampa, I lived in Tampa.“Apparently he was seen out at a bar or something, so people just assumed, ‘Oh Carmella lives in Tampa.

She must have been at that same bar’.“It was so insane.“I don’t know how you did it for so long.“Where do they come up with this s**t?

ALSO READ: The Miz and Maryse first met in 2006 when Miz was the host of WWE Diva Search and Maryse was auditioning. Miz and Maryse got married in 2014 and also have a daughter named Monroe Sky.

Miz has been WWE Champion and Intercontinental Champion while Maryse is a former Divas Champion.

They currently appear together as The Authority and teamed at Wrestle Mania 34 against Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey.

Triple H and Stephanie Mc Mahon first started dating in 2000, shortly after they were married in storyline in late 1999.

Click here to find out all you need to know so you can start planning your trip. “I really didn’t think that the divorce was any other’s business but my own, and those closest to me knew.” He added: “My small group of friends and even a few beyond knew what I was going through for a long time even before the process started, but that is what I get [for] playing my cards close to the vest once the internet grabbed a hold of the story and ran with it. The ex-Smack Down Women’s Champion was initially linked with a relationship with WWE legend Cena shortly after he broke up with Nikki Bella last year.The lives of WWE Superstars aren’t easy and they’re often on the road for days at a stretch, wrestling every night, taking bumps and bruises.Sometimes, it’s fellow wrestlers on the road who understand them the best.

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In 2016, Maryse returned to the WWE as Miz’s manager.