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I’d run away from home when I was 16 and moved out there. I took my GED and I started studying at Laney College, and I had this great improv teacher, Lou.It was so cool, because it really was a great learning environment for me because I responded well to being in a really diverse class. A., I had this feeling that being who I was—you know, being such a tomboy, basically—why would I think I could…pursue acting? I was also a musician, so I started playing in a band and then I started touring and I kind of left the acting thing behind, although I did do a lot of street theater in my coming years in Europe. I played in a San Francisco band, The Cipher in the Snow, it was an all-women band.It just seems like so much has opened up for queer people, you know? I got called back a few times and I ended up getting the part, and that was great because it was so part of my culture and scene, and it was a good…introduction into the film world, because that’s something I really believed in; I really saw his vision.I really loved the people I worked with, and it was a real communal feeling.No idea about Sasha, but by the looks of it, she should be at home studying for the SATs. Just because somebody is more beautiful and talented than you, is not a reason to talk smack about them.Get off your high horse, and appreciate Kate for who she is.I just think Moira hasn’t seen as much of the world as me, and also has had quite a different upbringing [in] a more conservative area.She was also brought up with Catholic things, unlike me—my parents were total hippie artists. I could really sympathize with Moira, and of course I see myself in her in some ways.

For a 'straight' girl she sure does hang around Leisha a lot, outside of the set and at lesbian friendly places. Her refusal to answer the sexuality question is hard because she is one of the only actresses I can think of where coming out as straight may actually damage her career and appeal.[quote] For a 'straight' girl she sure does hang around Leisha a lot, outside of the set and at lesbian friendly places. Or like doing a documentary about "Gay Youth Homelessness".

And that’s what I’d always dreamed of, so that was great for a lot of years.

Then I ended up back in New York [due to] a lot of different circumstances, and while I was here I just realized that I’d been missing this thing [acting] that I loved so much.…

but how come that she is straight and all her friends are gay? [/i]That's the gayest photo ever.[i] a 'straight' girl she sure does hang around Leisha a lot, outside of the set and at lesbian friendly places. i really wanna know if she is single or she is dating someone and i really don't care if they are males or females If you go to and look up kate Moennig it tells you that she is straight. Its a little late but I just happened on this site today, so maybe someone else will need a nudge to the correct info.

i mean she is friend to amanda moore , francesca gregorini , clea duvall,leisha hailey ??? Not that that necessarily means much...[/i]Well Leisha and Erin Daniel were friend doesn't mean ED is gay, although KM is still gay as the day is long. You're haters, to say that Kate is ugly and unknown.

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So I just [began] letting everyone know that’s what I was doing now.