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What do we learn form dating

It is important to remember that all relationships that fail involve some kind of hurt at some level, unless you open yourself up enough to be hurt by someone, then you can never feel more than indifferent to them.

However, by accepting the risk of opening up, you will also open yourself up to the possibility of love, affection and of course passion!

If everything was someone else's fault, then how can we ever learn from our mistakes?

This is definitely not about turning the blame on yourself, but rather more about looking at your part in the relationship and learning to recognise the danger signs so that you can handle the situation differently in the future.

It takes a toll on your self-confidence and your ego. There’s no doubt that this will haunt your future relationships no matter how hard you try to let it go.

You are plagued with endless amounts of questions: how could this happen to me? This is just one way that baggage will transfer from one relationship to another.

When relationships go wrong, it is easy to look for someone to blame and focus our anger on.

Always remember though that placing all the blame on the other person rarely helps us to move on and grow.

The hardest life experiences will teach you valuable lessons and mold you into a better person.You can use those negative experiences to emphasise where you don't want to be and use that as part of your guidelines to relationships in the future.When you're making up your mind about what you want out of a new relationship, try to avoid thinking that you're making some sort of terrible mistake by picking or attracting the wrong person, or that all members of the opposite are untrustworthy and are only there to hurt you.Taking some time out can give you time to evaluate what you have learned from your previous relationships and what you might possibly want from a future relationship.As we move on and get older, we have to deal with an increasing amount of emotional baggage from various relationships.

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