West dating lebron james mother

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West dating lebron james mother

Kim West has written: 'The sleep lady's good night, sleep tight' -- subject(s): Infants, Sleep, Children 'The sleep lady's good night, sleep tight' -- subject(s): Sleep, Infants, Children 'Good Night Sleep Tight Workbook' -- subject(s): Family & Relationships, Nonfiction, Over Drive Sleep walk is just like sleep talking, except you are walking. You do not have the slightest hint that you are sleep walking. Some of the many different sleep disorders are: Insomnia; Obstructive sleep apnea; Central sleep apnea; Sleep paralysis; Hypersomnia; Parasomnia; Drug-induced sleep disorders; Alcohol-induced sleep disorders; Sleep related bruxism; Irregular sleep-wake disorder; Circadian rhythm disorders such as advanced sleep phase, delayed…Gloria James, lebron's mom was sleeping with lebrons former teammate delonte west and lebron got really pissed off so he started fighting(arguing) during the middle of a game but he was playing for the cavs when that happened I'm guessing by coldest you mean worst...At the moment it's the Cleveland Cavaliers, they're currently the bottom of the league. It gets overlooked that they lost Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Delonte West this season too, along with a few other good players whose names I can't think of right now.Lebron is the more impressive athlete that's that Head-to-head scores for the Lakers and Cavaliers mean pretty much everything contrary to what the last person said.It's understood the statements are false, so the more preposterous the premise, the bigger the laughs will be.

Just sitting here and thinking about it, several of the funnier "yo mama" jokes come to mind, and you may have heard some of them yourself."Yo mama is so skinny, she can hang-glide on a Dorito.""Yo mama is so big, she jumped in the air and got stuck.""Yo mama is so ugly, when she turns the lights off, the dark runs away."There are thousands more examples of this type of joke, and the humor is found in the absurd nature of the jokes themselves.

Now any decision James makes will likely include some insight on West and his mother's situation, and the endless slew of "yo mama" jokes which are sure to ensue shortly, and may have began already.

But West's indiscretion is much worse than the typical "yo mama" joke, because it's a lot less humorous when the subject matter has a chance of being real.

West's refusal to be worried by James' disapproval of the relationship only creates more tension for the city of Cleveland, a town bracing for the possible loss of their native son to free agency.

The loss in the conference semifinals had already thrown the franchise's morale into a tailspin, and a new scandal has the potential to be the type of event which could send James packing.

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I wonder how James feels about the supposed friendship he had forged with West, and how his mother's betrayal may be reason enough for James to shun the place where his legend began.

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