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Were damien rice and lisa hannigan dating

I don’t imagine how the show at Tangalwood will be, but at the Museum, in its cloistered space, I can imagine Rice with his guitar, alone in front of a microphone, a lone spotlight on him as the crowd collectively holds its breath.Then he’ll sing and so will everyone else, following along, “I can’t take my mind off of you.”Pranaya SJB Rana is Features Editor for The Kathmandu Post.But O wasn’t just about emotion—it was about mood, an atmosphere that the listener could immerse themselves in.

With two other singles off O—‘Volcano’ and ‘Cannonball’—Rice sealed his reputation as the downhearted crooner.We all know what Damien Rice means when he sings, “Still a little bit of your song in my ear/Still a little bit of your words I long to hear.” When Rice sings, when Lisa Hannigan joins him for a duet, when the strings soar behind him as they often do, there is a longing that suffuses the air, as if his sentiments are sloughing off the speakers.I would never have imagined Damien Rice would come to perform in Nepal, but when I heard he would be playing at the Patan Museum, I thought there was no venue more suited to his particularities than this.Hannigan went on to have her own career, with critically-acclaimed albums that rival anything Rice has done.In late 2014, Rice finally came out with his third album, My Favorite Faded Fantasy.

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