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Wer cam chat

In the interview, Seungri said the breakdown of Burning Sun's shares were as follows: owners of Le Méridien Seoul, 42 percent; Lee Sung-hyun (CEO of Le Méridien Seoul), 8 percent; Yuri Holdings, 20 percent, Madam Lin (Taiwanese investor), 20 percent; and Lee Moon-ho, 10 percent.The police investigation found a 2.45 billion won (US.15 million) investment to the Burning Sun, with the Taiwanese investor having contributed 1 billion won and Seungri having contributed 225 million won.On International Women's Day on March 8, the scandal led to a street protest in Gangnam against the Burning Sun and other nightclubs, calling for an end to what the protesters called a culture that treats women as sexual objects.

As to who owned the club, media reports varied over the course of the scandal, some detailed Seungri as an investor or co-founder of Yuri Holdings, a shareholder of Burning Sun Entertainment that operated the club, Seungri described his relationship to the club in an interview with The Chosun Ilbo, published on March 22, 2019, saying that CEO Lee Moon-ho, a friend of his, was the operator of the club and in charge, while Seungri's name was used for marketing, after his initial investment of 10 million won (around US,800).

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is a 2019 entertainment and sex scandal in Seoul, South Korea which involved several celebrities, including Korean idols in popular K-pop groups, and police officials.

The chatroom exposé also affected actor Cha Tae-hyun and comedian Kim Jun-ho with allegations of golf gambling in large amounts.

They quit all their television programs, including 2 Days & 1 Night, where they were cast members with Jung.

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Yonhap reported that one of the club's investors, perhaps Junwon Industries (also called Cheonwon Industry), Le Méridien Seoul's operator, may have forged a connection with the hotel, in the amount of $8.8 million, using the intermediary firm to attract larger investments to the club.

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