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Wait for a while and when the job is completed, restart your Windows computer.

Once you have done this, we can move forward to try to troubleshoot the Windows Time synchronization problem.

This means that your Internet Time synchronization is working again. Press Windows Key X then select Command Prompt (Admin). Type the following command in cmd and hit Enter: sc triggerinfo w32time delete 3. Click System and Security and then click Administrative Tools. Double click on Task Scheduler and navigate to the following path: Task Scheduler Library / Microsoft / Windows / Time Synchronization 4.

Now run the following command to define a trigger event that suits your environment: sc triggerinfo w32time start/networkon stop/networkoff 4. Under Time Synchronization, right-click on Synchronize Time and select Enable.

HKLM\System\Current Control Set\Services\W32Time The time service, like many other services and configurations is now hooked into the Windows Task Scheduler.

While you may be able to manually synchronize the time, by clicking on , you may find that it just does not do so automatically.

The first DC that is installed will actually try and sync it’s time from time.

Time sync is still great to have in a workgroup but is generally less scrutinized if it’s out of sync by a few seconds, perhaps in some rare cases a few minutes.

I’ve been lucky enough to only have to require this a handful of times. DO NOT USE THE NET TIME command anymore, it’s deprecated, old and does not give you all the information required to fix modern day time issues!

Most of the issues I run across I’ve been able to fix with the above troubleshooting and commands. file: – contains a list of flags, specified by number and separated by commas, that specify the types of information that should be logged. A range of numbers is valid, in addition to single numbers, such as 0-100,103,106. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc773263(v=ws.10)https://org/bin/view/Servers/NTPPool Servers https://microsoft.com/w32time As always, post any comments, questions, concerns at the bottom!

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Before we start troubleshooting this issue, it would be a good idea to run the System File Checker.

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