Views on dating

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The Buddhist views on marriage are very liberal: in Buddhism, marriage is regarded entirely as personal and individual concern, and not as a religious duty.

The reason is obviously that to be of service to mankind, the monks have chosen a way of life which includes celibacy.

These would be magnified many times when faced with calamities.

Knowing the frailties of human nature, the Buddha did, in one of His precepts, advise His followers of refrain from committing adultery or sexual misconduct.

In birth control what is done is to prevent the coming into being of an existence.

There is no killing involved and there is no akusala kamma.

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Those who renounce the worldly life keep away from married life voluntarily to avoid various worldly commitments in order to maintain peace of mind and to dedicate their lives solely to serve others in the attainment of spiritual emancipation.

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