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Router manufacturers might also issue a firmware update to add new features to the router, such as parental control settings or IPv6 support.

Other upgrades might include adding entirely new security mechanisms that weren’t in previous versions of the firmware.

In general, the term OTA implies the use of wireless mechanisms to send provisioning data or update packages for firmware or software updates to a mobile device — this is so that the user does not have to go to a store or a service center to have applications provisioned, parameters changed or firmware or software updated.

Non-OTA options for a user are a) to go to a store and seek help b) use a PC and a cable to connect to the device and change settings on a device, add software to device, etc.

Interop Technologies provides a number of nationwide wireless operators in the US with an SS7 Based Over-the-Air device management solution.

This solution allows operators to manage wireless device functionality including renumbering handsets, updating phone settings, applications and subscriber data and adjusting PRL to manage cost structures.

The OTA mechanism requires the existing software and hardware of the target device to support the feature, namely the receipt and installation of new software received via the wireless network from the provider.

Often, a carrier will send a broadcast SMS text message to all subscribers (or those using a particular model of phone) asking them to dial a service number to receive a software update. Option 1 updates phone configuration, option 2 updates the PRL.

Similarly Voitel Wireless and Straight Talk, which both use Verizon network, use *22890 service code to program Verizon based wireless phones.

Over-the-air provisioning (OTAP) is also available in wireless environments (though it is disabled by default for security reasons).

It allows an access point (AP) to discover the IP address of its controller.

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