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Then Vera called on a student friend who allowed them to hide in their attic.

Kristallnacht happened in Dachau a day earlier than elsewhere in Germany, so that first night away from home would have been when Kristallnacht happened in Munich.

Concord John Patitucci (ldr), Chris Potter (ss, ts), Mark Turner (ts), John Beasley, Danilo Perez (p), John Patitucci (b, eb, kal, arr), Jack De Johnette (d), Horacio 'El Negro' Hernandéz (d, per), Giovanni Hidalgo (cga, per, arr), Sachi Patitucci (kal) Chris Potter (ss) on a, c, f; (ts) on a-d, g; Mark Turner (ts) on c, h; John Beasley (p) on b-d, g, i; Danilo Perez (p) on a, f, h; John Patitucci (b) on a, c-d, f-j; (eb) on b, d; (kal) on e; (arr) on i-j; Jack De Johnette (d) on c-d, g-h; Horacio 'El Negro' Hernandéz (d) on a-b, f; (per) on a-b, f; Giovanni Hidalgo (cga) on a-b, f, j; (per) on a-b, f, j; (arr) on j; Sachi Patitucci (kal) on e.

[radio broadcast] Dave Holland (ldr), Mark Gross, Antonio Hart (as), Mark Turner (ts), Gary Smulyan (bar), Duane Eubanks, Taylor Haskins, Alex Sipiagin (t), Jonathan Arons, Robin Eubanks, Josh Roseman (tb), Steve Nelson (vib), Dave Holland (b), Billy Kilson (d) Mariano Gil (f) on e, h; Andrew D'Angelo (bcl) on d; Mark Turner (bcl) on a-b, f, i, k; (ts) on a-b, f, i, k; Ethan Iverson (p) on f, i; (key) on f, i; Ben Street (b) on b-c, f, h, k; Jeff Ballard (d) on b-c, f, i, k. [radio broadcast] Dave Holland (ldr), Antonio Hart (f, ss, as), Mark Turner (ts), Gary Smulyan (bar), Duane Eubanks, Taylor Haskins, Alex Sipiagin (t, fh), Robin Eubanks, Josh Roseman (tb), Steve Nelson (vib, mar), Dave Holland (b), Billy Kilson (d) [private recording] Fabrizio Cassol (ldr), Fabrizio Cassol (aul), Magic Malik (f), Mark Turner (ts), Michel Massot (tu), Fabian Fiorini (p), Michel Hatzigeorgiou (b), Stéphane Galland (d), Yousef Hbeish (per) US/UK Big Band. It is assumed that UK members of big band were same as Bath performance, but need confirmation.

On 3 April 1945 one of the pastors released from the camp went to the parsonage to thank Elisabeth for what she had done.Ruth never said anything about that, so we can assume they just laid low and saw nothing.Björn kindly sent some notes from an unpublished manuscript* by Dirk Rumberg, from which some of the information below is taken.In an interview in 1983 Endres told author Dirk Rumberg that in 1938 the father of a boy who wished to be confirmed would not allow his son to take confirmation class along with a Jewish child.Endres said this occurred after the Kristallnacht but this cannot be so; we assume his memory was at fault in this respect.

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Gregory Tardy (f) on a-c, e-i; (ts) on c; Myron Walden (as) on a-c, e-i; Mark Turner (ts) on a-c, e-i; Russell Gunn (t) on a-h; Stefon Harris (vib) on a-c, e-i; James Hurt (p) on a-b, d-g, i; Shedrick Mitchell (p) on c, h.