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Varronian dating

Sometimes, too, though suckled by his own mother, if he becomes familiar with them when he is quite young he seeks their company afterwards." Aristotle (H.

The nearest parallel I can find is Cicero, Ad Div., xvi, 17: valetudini fde- liter inserviendo. Columella (vi, 37, 9) says "not less than three, or more than ten years old." And a few lines earlier: " Thus reared the ass grows fond of mares.

Those who do not possess an ass which has been suckled by a mare, and want to keep an ass for stud purposes, pick the biggest and handsomest they can, and one that comes from a good nursery — in Arcadia, said the ancients ; but our experience leads us to prefer the Reatine country, where some stallions have been sold for ;^240 and even ;^320 apiece. Schneider translates cihum largius praebent, and the word must mean something of the kind.

If you use him as a stallion younger, not only does he flag more quickly, but the offspring also are poorer.

When I have borrowed I have — in all cases, I hope — acknowledged the debt. It is of course the Latin equivalent of irvppog (Dor. n] OF DOGS 215 mules of their own accord have surrounded him and trampled him to death with their hoofs; and that bulls will stand flank to flank, opposing an unbroken front' against wolves, and easily drive them pff with their horns. ; wrongly I think, for bulls, it is known, form a half circle, not a line, against the attacks of the larger carnivora. It is as follows : Unum venaticum etpertinet ad /eras bestibus assihiestribus assiluestres alterum, etc. The canis venaticus differed greatly from the cams pastoralis, being slimmer, smaller, weaker, but more speedy (cf. The sheep-dog, the Molossus, protected sheep against beasts of prey {besiiae ferae), and was bred for size, strength, and courage. cit.) says white for the sheep-dog, black for the house-dog. BOHN'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY VARRO ON FARMING 1^ %^^^^ "' PLAN OF THE BIRD-HOUSE CASINUM «iuc ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^r ^ w? ^--1 m a ^'^^'l laa @ B Bl B BB A Island £ Staging C Duck- Houses D Ponds £ Aviaries F Netting t9ca Zc of- Tftf- ,* so /a ^ 9e so J9I* VARRO ON FARMING M. The numerous passages where I have ventured to adopt or propose a reading differing from that given by the great scholar are indicated and fully discussed either in the Com- mentary or Excursus. 6 You might have taken my word for these facts, said he to me, as I come from Reate; but you keep herds of mares at your place and have yourself sold herds of mules. CHAPTER IX OF DOGS 1 Said Atticus : Of quadrupeds dogs now remain to' be discussed — a subject particularly interesting to us who feed wool-bearing stock.m: 1^ — Bp'^ F^i 1 i 1 ^'^' ZJ 1 ^ 1 1 r^B: 1^ :' 9% 1^. TERENTI VARRONIS RERUM RUSTICARUM LIBRI TRES TRANSLATED, WITH INTRODUCTION, COMMENTARY, AND EXCURSUS BY LLOYD STORR-BEST M. In excuse for the many alterations of his text which I have proposed, I would point out that Keil himself professes only to have restored the text of the Archetype, which is avowedly corrupt, to have made certain indubitable corrections, and to have cleared the ground for further emendation. What is called a hinnus (hinny) comes from a horse and a she-ass ; they are smaller in size than mules, and generally of a colour with more red' in it, have ears like those of a horse, and ' Rubicundior. For the dog is the guardian of those animals which need its com- panionship for defence. These the wolf is ever try- ing to catch, and against him we set dogs to defend them. The small size of the Pyg- mies, he continues, is accounted for in the same way (by illness of the foetus). Chaff, hay, and barley are given to him in addition. Of Instruments of Prc DUCTio N (Mute ) 60 X CONTENTS CHAP. Gen., ii, 8, end) calls y Xwog the offspring of a horse and an ass, which has sui Fered in the womb, and says that it IS r]iiiovo Qav&Kiripo Q, " a damaged mule, " and likea/on;«j cordus (rd fte Taxotpa iv ro Tg xoipoig). A foal of an ass is put when just born under a mare, as the latter's milk makes him bigger, for they say it is more feeding than asses' milk.

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Thus reared he may be used for breeding purposes from three^ years old, and being used to live with the mares he feels no 3 repugnance for them.