Validating software design

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Validating software design

IEC 61508-3 (7.9) gives general requirements for software verification.Designers need new verification and validation (V&V) technologies for systems that feature autonomy and safety criticality.It also defines the overall behavior of the software, and how the software elements interface and interact.To carry on to the next phase the information from the current software safety lifecycle phase shall be verified.Minor design changes can still be made as a result of alpha testing.It is carried out in a lab environment at the developers site. The testers are internal employees of the organization, mainly in-house .

checks incompatibilities between the software system design specification and the software architecture design.

All essential information from the current phase of the software safety lifecycle needed for the correct execution of the next phase should be available and must be verified.

The information should include the adequacy of the specifications, design and validation plans in the current phase.

Effective V&V for those systems requires innovative tools for design and implementation and an increased use of automation throughout a system’s fielded lifetime.

We arm designers and developers with analysis and formal verification algorithms and tools.

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This paper presents the following guideline information on verification and validation (V&V) of software requirements and design specifications: Definitions of the terms "verification " and "validation, " and an explanation of their context in the software life-cycle; A description of the basic sequence of functions performed during software requirements and design V&V An explanation, with examples: of the major software requirements and design V&V criteria: completeness, consistency, feasibility, and testability; An evaluation of the relative cost and effectiveness of the major software requirements and design V&V techniques with respect to the above criteria; An example V&V checklist for software system reliability and availability.