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Validating a page

Creating Web pages or applications according to a widely accepted coding style makes them easier to maintain, even if the maintenance and evolution is performed by someone else.Many professionals have been authoring the Web with HTML and CSS for years and know these technologies by heart.

Indeed, most developers creating rich Web applications know that reliable scripting needs the document to be parsed by User-Agents without any unexpected error, and will make sure that their markup and CSS is validated before creating a rich interactive layer.The document has been updated over time, notably thanks to the many Web authors who shared their own rationale and motivation for using Web Quality checking tools.In early 2009 we asked the Web community if they thought there still was a strong motivation for validation.This makes validation seem useless or costly to many people, and the following questions (or statement) are widespread: The answer to this one is that markup languages are no more than data formats. It only takes on a visual appearance when it is presented by your browser.In practice, different browsers can and do display the same page very differently.

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Here are some reasons they mentioned: While contemporary Web browsers do an increasingly good job of parsing even the worst HTML “tag soup”, some errors are not always caught gracefully.