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Updating variables in xquery

Note that updating/non-updating and sequential/non-sequential are two orthogonal classification dimensions.

Because of their side effects, sequential expressions must be evaluated in evaluation order, as defined in this specification.The XQUF specifications take care of forbidding such ambiguous updates.An error is generated (during the apply-updates stage) when such a conflict is detected.This tutorial attempts to give a quick yet comprehensive practical introduction to the XQuery Update extension, while highlighting some of its peculiarities.Prerequisites: the reader is presumed to have some acquaintance with XML Query and its (or contents) of the same node.

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The term snapshot is defined in XQuery Update Facility as follows: [A snapshot is a scope within which expressions are evaluated with respect to a fixed XDM instance, accessible through the dynamic context's bindings, and updates are held pending.] A snapshot is terminated by invocation of the upd:apply Updates operation.

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