Updating tile wallboard

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Updating tile wallboard

Removing an old tile backsplash can seem like a daunting, maybe even infeasible task. There are questions like, ‘how do I begin to remove this wall essentially tiled with stone? Dip your sponge into the solution and wring it out until it’s barely damp.Work from the top of the walls down, removing any dust or grease.Remove or tape over all switch plates and outlet covers.Use a long-handled roller to apply a thin, even coat of an alkyd-based primer to the plastic tile paneling.

Tape off all windowsills, doorways and anything else that needs to be protected from the new paint.This is especially important if you are painting over plastic paneling in a kitchen.Scuff up the surface of the plastic tile paneling with medium-grit sandpaper.Dry it with a rag and make sure there is no soapy residue.Take some time to tape off any trim that you do not want to get paint on.

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