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Updating talent banks

Market Mapping provides insight into a candidate’s career succession, which enables companies to better design roles based upon existing talent in the market.Understanding the talent ecosystem at these three levels of management helps define future roles for candidates and enhance a company’s succession planning strategy.In order to gain a full understanding of the available talent, the company engaged Salveson Stetson Group in Philadelphia to map the market for senior audit professionals within the Fortune 250.Salveson Stetson Group researched and identified potential candidates within the Fortune 250 who met the criteria established for the role and engaged these candidates to: In the end, the company promoted an internal candidate into the role but was confident they had made an informed decision based upon the data and insights gathered from Market Mapping activities by Salveson Stetson Group.This is an emerging value-added service being offered by executive search firms across the globe.Mapping The Talent Market Market Mapping uses traditional researching and resourcing methods to diagram and map competitor’s organisational structures.The CDO appointed by Executive Headlines had an equally strong background in business and digitisation, and now oversees the implementation of digital transformation strategy by regional teams.Data Validation and Efficacy Market Mapping data is verified through internal and external authentication.

With Market Mapping, the approach of continuous sourcing and data mining decreases the length of the hiring cycle when a talent need arises.

Market Mapping Market Mapping, also referred to as talent mapping, evaluates and tracks both active and passive talent in local and global candidate markets and helps organisations to strengthen talent acquisition capabilities.

It is a strategy that companies employ for long or short-term talent sourcing needs and when diversifying into new business sectors.

Analysis of these divisions provides a detailed overview of organisational structures, reporting systems and insight into competitor functions.

Using this data, organisations can identify key competitors, target skills and compile core competencies to enhance their own internal teams.

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CASE STUDY: REINFORCING A SUCCESSION PLAN A Fortune 100 technology company was presented with an unexpected succession planning challenge for a Chief Audit Executive position.