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There should appear a service-message like ‘Samsung Bootloader v5.32 (…)’ on the display. The updating process should start, and you should see a progress bar (also on phone display) indicating duration of download.

After a few minutes the phone should restart automatically 2 times and then the firmware update is complete.

The screen is clear and is fit for purpose The phone i think will be still going but i have no way of knowing as a thieving Muslim asylum seeker mugged me on the way home on the tube . Fustrated, i took out the battery, memory card, SIM card and left it for a while then tried to on again.

I recommend this phone and the only drawback is the thieving Muslim asylum seekers as they are attracted to the TOCO like flys around a camels arse. just bought the f480 and was updating my phonebook all of a sudden everything was lost all phonebook entries disappeared. it served me well until recently it decided to cause problems. It works, i was able to switch it on, HOWEVER, its screwed up.

Note: If the phone doesn’t boot up after flashing firmware, repeat the whole process and try to flash the ‘Boot’ files also.

You can check the firmware version installed by dialling *#1234#.

In order to test the touch-screen you can enter the test mode with ‘*#0*#‘ and see how your settings work..

hi i hope somebody can help me i just bought an 8gb micro SDHC for my phone and im not sure if it is compatible with the phone.

is there a difference between micro SD and micro SDHC type of memory card?

i using 2 cell more nokia N 95 and nokia 6288 f 480 nice cell but when a call coming at cell the sound level and vibration is to time i miss my call because i not here ring tune or not feel vibration they are to slow in max volume,i feel that the only disadvantage this look pritty good. i have been using dis phone for last 6 months and i found that its camera is worst than that of 2mp camera , the application cannot be minimised , you cannot update your phone,cannot use secondary camera , no wifi , cannot install software form computer , sound quality is bit down .

It's no surprise that two Samsung touchscreen handsets released in short succession should look so alike.

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I did have had this phone for around one year and it is excellent in audio quality, The construction of the phone is sound and no sharp edges etc.

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