Updating remote query timeout Strapon dating uk

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Updating remote query timeout

In test environments when SQL Server is configured system-wide (sp_configure) with a MAXDOP value of 1, 2, or 4 due to SQL Server workload requirements, there can be improvements.

Test in your environment to determine which MAXDOP value performs the best.

We should take advantage of increasing the "maximum degree of parallelism" (MAXDOP) during maintenance for rebuilding indexes.

Let's demonstrate how to setup a SQL Server Agent Job to do so: 1.We have been asked to reduce our maintenance window for the SQL Server off-line index rebuilds and updating statistics in order to keep our systems online longer.Is there a way to speed up off-line index rebuilds or updating statistics in SQL Server? This tip will explore two features to speed up SQL Server index and statistics maintenance.Person REBUILD OPTION (MAXDOP 32)GO Figure 2 Alternatively we can change the setting using sp_configure, adjusting the parallelism.Below is an example to change it instance-wide to a value of 8 without requiring the MAXDOP hint.

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The first part of this tip focuses on SQL Server Enterprise Edition to reduce the duration for index maintenance for off-line rebuilds.