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Updating records retention schedules

A records retention and disposition schedule (records schedule) should reflect an agency’s current programs, business practices, and related recordkeeping needs for the records it generates and maintains.

If you work for an executive-branch state agency or for a county office, any schedule changes must be approved by the State Records Board before you can begin implementing those changes.

Records are not stored long after their useful life "just in case" or "because I might get in trouble if it isn't here." Knowing what records exist and what offices are responsible for maintaining those records makes access to information simpler, faster, and more reliable.

•Space Savings When inactive records are periodically removed from active work areas, less space and equipment are needed for storage.

Members of the Committee were: Staff from Human Resources, Student Employment, Travel Services, and Procurement offered expert advice on their current record retention practices.Retention periods are the same whether records are kept in digital, paper, or both, forms.Schedules should be used by all University departments and offices and by administrative and academic staff, administrators, and faculty.A records disposition program is a critical component in properly managing records.The goal of a records disposition program is to ensure that: Retention periods are based on an analysis of the length of time the documents are needed to support operational, administrative, legal, fiscal, and historic requirements.

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Records in the custody of five University departments were inventoried.

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