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When you move to a distributed multi-tenant database like Citus in the future, this will be a required step - but if you’ve done this before, you can simply COPY over your data, without doing any additional data modification. Use UNIQUE constraints which include the tenant_id Unique and foreign-key constraints on values other than the tenant_id will present a problem in any distributed system, since it’s difficult to make sure that no two nodes accept the same unique value.Enforcing the constraint would require expensive scans of the data across all nodes.In order for that to work, you’ll always need to specify which tenant you are accessing, either by specifying it on a per-request basis: gem to reset the test database between runs, be sure to use the “truncation” strategy rather than “transaction.” We have seen occassional failures during transaction rollbacks in the tests.The database_cleaner documentation has instructions for changing the cleaning strategy.It is based on the excellent acts_as_tenant library, and extends it for the particular use-case of a distributed multi-tenant database like Citus.Initially you’ll often start out with all tenants placed on a single database node, and using a framework like Ruby on Rails and Active Record to load the data for a given tenant when you serve a web request that returns the tenant’s data.If you are interested in a more complete example, check out our reference app that showcases a simplified sample Saa S application for ad analytics.

Also, there is a difference in the way the execution engine handles them: according to the specification, a Graph QL server must guarantee that mutations are executed consecutively, while queries can be executed in parallel.Let’s take a quick look at what’s on our plate after completing the previous part of the tutorial.You can find the source code here—don’t forget to run ) extensions stored in the same folder as the component definition.This approach is especially useful when working with medium- to large-scale applications and provides clearer project structure.We will use it for all the new operations in this tutorial.

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This Ruby gem has evolved from our experience working with customers scaling out their multi-tenant apps.

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