Updating phusion passenger

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The Ruby on Rails framework provides a builtin server tool, which you can access with the command.The “rails server” is not an application server by itself, but just a small wrapper that launches your application in an application server.These instructions are specific to (mt) Media Temple VPS customers that are using Cent OS 7.

It handles HTTP requests, manages processes and resources, and enables administration, monitoring and problem diagnosis.

mod_rails) is a module for the Apache HTTP Server which can (among other things) be used to deploy Rails apps.

As with any piece of software, from time to time security vulnerabilities will be discovered and Passenger will need to be updated. Depending on how much RAM you have available, this might take some time.

Ruby apps (and frameworks like Rails) can’t do that by themselves.

In a typical production stack, one would use Nginx or Apache as the web server, Passenger as application server, and Capistrano as release automation tool.

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If this is the case, cut and paste the uncommented lines below (remove the #) into

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