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Another option is to manually force quit the Safari processes which are either showing as “not responding” within Activity Monitor, or are consuming high system resources.Being diligent about the Safari web processes seems to offer a way to avoid the complete system freeze ups, but it’s hardly a solution.The inconsistency with the troubled El Capitan updates are similar to the problems with i OS 9.3 in that they have manifested for some i Phone and i Pad users but not for others.Some users have discovered that none of their Mac applications are launching and instead they report they are damaged.This is not a subtle problem, the Mac freezes completely and becomes unresponsive to any keystroke, the mouse won’t move, and nothing works at all.

Unfortunately for some, the freezing, crashing, or beachball problem seems to quickly resurface on certain webpages even with Safari browsers that do not have any plugins or extensions installed.

Actually, the update process is very easy, but not everyone knows how to update OS X safely.

Here, we want to discuss with you about how to update Mac to OS X 10.10.4 safely.

The freezing problem seems to arrive from Safari, but what specifically causes the freezes and crashes does not seem to be consistent enough to identify.

One workaround is to use Chrome for a while instead.

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Some Mac users have discovered their computer is freezing, crashing, or rebooting at random since updating to OS X 10.11.4, behavior that did not occur prior to installing the update.

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