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Posted by / 14-May-2020 10:03

Updating my office

The Monthly Channel (Targeted) gets about 2 releases per month and are quite stable.

The Office Insider channel is a bit more experimental and thus less stable and gets about 4 releases per month.

This means that the Semi-annual Channel can be 6 to 24 months behind the Monthly Channel.

This Channel is recommended for environments that can’t receive updates and feature changes all the time.

As the name suggests, updates are released once a month and can contain new features that have been publicly tested by the Office Insiders and people in the Monthly Channel (Targeted).

These installations aren’t updated via Office 365 but via Windows Update.I sometimes see announcements about new features being added or fixes being made to Office 2016. When I compared my build number of Outlook 2016 to the one of a friend, I saw that his was newer.I chose File-Office 365 has multiple update channels.Updates are being released monthly via the same way as Office 365 installations (so not via Windows Update) but these usually only contain fixes and not new features that are being made to Outlook/Office users that are using it as part of an Office 365 subscription.So feature wise, it will remain pretty much the same as when Office 2016/2019 was first released.

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