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It wasn't ok that developers should maintain this file manually.Java Script files are added, deleted and renamed all the time, so it's very easy to forget to update the _file accordingly.The second menu item is Update Java Script References.This will add all files in the project as triple-slash references in the _file.

The _file controls a key part of the Java Script Intellisense in Visual Studio for web projects and can mean the difference between awesome Intellisense and none at all.However, bundling, minification and dynamically loaded Java Script would make it impossible for any IDE to statically figure out what files to provide Intellisense for.The result could potentially be that no Intellisense from other files got loaded at all, which was arguably worse than loading too much Intellisense.Whenever a file is added, renamed, moved or deleted, the _file is automatically updated to reflect the changes.Right-clicking on the _file in Solution Explorer now gives you two new options: The first is the Auto-sync Java Script References.

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This is the story of how it works and why it even exist.

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