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Then use the Retrospect console application to add those clients as sources for use by the Retrospect server.

After configuring the clients, you can create and schedule scripts using client volumes as sources, as if the volumes were connected directly to the Retrospect server.

Tip: Licenses are specific to a particular Retrospect server, so if you have more than one server, each server will be running entirely different sets of licenses.

Whenever you change any server's keys, you must update all of the clients as well.

Remember, that all NIS servers are also NIS clients, so if you update the keys on one server, you must update key information on all other machines in the domain regardless of whether or not they are NIS servers or ordinary clients.

Mac OS X’s Network System Preferences allow you to specify the order in which you want to try different network interfaces when connecting to a network.

For more information about configuring network interfaces, see “Advanced Networking,” later in this chapter.

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On Macintosh, you control the Mac OS X firewall settings in System Preferences Firewall.