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UK drivers face paying extortionate amounts to keep their sat nav updated.Car manufacturers can charge customers up to £316 to update their sat nav, with the latest mapping software.A new investigation found that the cost of keep the in-built sat-nav system in a car varies drastically depending on the age, model and make of a car.Motorists with older cars face the highest charges for the latest European updates, according to Auto Express magazine.Your choices under "Route" may include: route with or without stopovers, route list, route criteria and avoid route from here. Push the setup button to change the map scheme, orientation, intersection zoom, map type, map content, navigation information or altitude display; to delete last destinations; or to enter NAV start location, demo mode or version information.Audi A1/S1 (2011 - 2018) Audi A4/S4/RS4 (2008 - 2016) Audi A5/S5/RS5 (2008 - 2017) Audi A6/S6/RS6 (2009 - 2015) Audi A7/S7/RS7 (2011 - 2014) Audi A8/S8 (2008 - 2017) Audi Q3/RSQ3 (2012 - 2018) Audi Q5/SQ5 (2009 - 2017) Audi Q7 (2010 - 2015), Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Russia, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican City Traffic information TMC or TMCpro provide services in the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Czech Republic.*The information within the Tutorials must be used in conjunction with the information in the Audi owner's manuals.

Owners of new cars often benefit from free updates, with makers such as Volvo and Volkswagen now including lifetime updates on their latest models.

all this this time i was in contact with Brian and he confirmed my procedure in following his instruction.

whilst i was still waiting for 2nd SD to be confirmed on my system i took the car for several short runs to see if i could get my Sat/Nav up and running because it was not showing now on my display screen Remembering Brian and this company have excellent.

1st card Firmware went through no problem in 30 minutes and confirmed.

2nd card Maps took 1 hour to update lots of new stuff i guess but took a long time to confirm on version page on my system about 2 hours i would say.

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reviews i was not to worried as i had read that some systems take a while longer to update fully than others.