Updating an 80s kitchen video dating service

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Updating an 80s kitchen

In my example, I brought down one of the upper cabinets.I actually wanted to take down both cabinets on the sink wall, but we didn’t want to lose too much cabinet space. It’s a good trick to use on an island or a peninsula, even if you don’t paint the cabinets on the front.via First, take a step back and look at your kitchen.Take note of all the materials, lighting, and details that, when taken in together, read “Dated!Keeping the edges simple gives it a clean look, and helps the budget.

First, let’s start with a bit of a perspective adjustment…

Their kitchen before the remodel was hopelessly stuck in the eighties with outdated light fixtures, warm brown cabinets, mauve countertops, and a particularly dated linoleum floor. With the addition of simple modern cabinets from IKEA, Laura and Jason brought their kitchen into the 21st century.

In addition to gutting the room, they also knocked down a wall to both give them more space and make the kitchen and living area one big room.

Find a cool, light neutral you like, even a cool white, and your cabinets will feel much more modern. In my kitchen, the pops of green paired well against the warm cabinets.

In terms of the cabinets themselves, they really rang orange…. To tone them down and bring them more into the realm of brown, I waxed them with Briwax in Tudor Brown (check out this post for more details). You never saw black cup pulls, like these, on 80s or 90s cabinets, so just adding them brings the cabinets forward a couple of decades. But if they’ve been around since the kitchen was built, you probably will need to replace them anyway.

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