Updating a meade 497 controller instructions home updating costs

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The first new thing I noticed about the telescope is that it had a cool plaque stating that it had been "Supercharged" by Dr. Clay put in to the repair and modification of the scope.

Then I started reading down through the lists of items that were checked and either fixed or modified to work even better.

The declination clutch would not work at all and no alignment procedure would get the telescope to track.

I knew that something vital had broken inside of the telescope. Sherrod and he assured me that he would not only fix the problem inside of the scope, but replace the plastic parts inside of the telescope with metal, clean the optics and primary mirror, fine tune the focus and provide documentation and technical info galore for 7 shipping.

That's all I did, but there are whole webpages devoted to the modification of the Daisy sight if you'd like to have more brightness control.

I operated the telescope successfully with no other modifications for 2 years... I was in the middle of a demonstration (of course) on how easy the ETX is to align, when I was tightening the declination knob and heard a sharp 'popping' sound, followed by the telescope tube slumping forward in the alt-azimuth mount.

I doubted that this had been done by the previous owner the scope, so one morning I took the scope outside, set it up and pointed it at a large electrical tower about 2 miles from my house.

I chose this object to sight in on because it has well defined vertical and horizontal structures that let me easily center and then re-center the structure repeatedly in my eyepiece.

I bought a small Daisy red-dot sight from Walmart for .99 and attached it to the top with some double-sided sticky tape.

Fascinating reading from someone who understands the plusses and minuses of the ETX design.

The supercharge came with a CD-ROM with many, many Mb of information and sky tours that will lead to many hours of enjoyable reading and night sky exploration. It's like a seal of approval verifying all of the work that Dr.

I borrowed a Meade USB to RS-232 Bridge Cable from a friend and connected the telescope, Autostar controller up with my computer.

The Bridge Cable permits connection of any Meade telescope's RS-232 serial interface to a PC's USB port.

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I have verified this now by having the telescope keep Jupiter in the field of view at 100x for over three hours. I'm very pleased with the optics now, the collimation has tweaked the view through the eyepiece that last 5% that I was missing, and the ETX drives are noticeably quieter, the tracking more accurate, and the focus is really smooth now.

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