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Update validating xp

Microsoft has advised consumers to take a copy of the CD that contains genuine software from retailers.

It has advised consumers to check whether the authentication key slip is stuck to the PCs as the window genuine advantage validation tool will require the Original Windows XP CD Key.

Pirated copies will still be able to download security fixes, but only if the systems are set to do so automatically.

Again, copy and paste it to the Address Bar.javascript:void(window.g_s Disable WGACheck=’all’);void(alert(’WGA Check disabled.\n\n Continue…’))With the above Java Script, there will be a prompt to notify you “WGA Check disabled”.

Windows Genuine Advantage (wga) Workaround tool for bypassing XP key validation in IE and Firefox recently released on the internet.

However, Firefox apparently still does support Windows XP and can access those websites freely.

I don't quite understand how the SSL certificates compatibility works, how is it possible that on Chrome and IE it requires you to switch to a new OS altogether but that's not needed when just using a different browser?

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The Enable and Disable settings for WGA Validation Tool no longer selectable, with the option greyed out so that you unable to select Disable to deactivate the WGA Active X.

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