Universal rejection truth of dating and relationships

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Universal rejection truth of dating and relationships

makes it hard to forget that other people’s lives and decisions don’t revolve around us or anything that we’ve done.

Just as we assume that everyone is cataloging our every move, we tend to assume we occupy of the reasons why someone may reject us is due to some choice we made…

Now we’re functionally exiled from society because people will have heard the legend of how badly we got shot down.

However, romantic rejection doesn’t just represent the threat of death, or even dying alone.

What makes the difference between the socially successful and the people who trundle from rejection to rejection are that the successful ones don’t let rejection destroy them.

I’m a novice having mediated with systems I’ve developed taking into account the information I had at the time. Un-attatchment is based on the philosophy that attachment to an idea of self is the cause of all suffering². When you’re approaching someone – whether they’re a friend or a stranger – you’re making yourself vulnerable.You’re exposing yourself to the judgement of someone whose opinion matters to you.That message you sent on OKCupid is going unanswered because they had a fight with their boss and that’s put them in a pissy mood.The cutie on Tinder unmatched you because she’s decided to take a dating break.

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Concentration allows the ability to cut deep into the mind³ to identify the causes behind cruelty and in a deeper sense why we think, act, and feel the way we do. These are my lessons learned in fighting codependence.

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