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Walker attempted to re-upload his content by assigning each video a new, separate channel.

However, due to continuing issues, Walker decided to leave You Tube altogether and create the website That Guy with the Glasses, with Michaud acting as webmaster.

In December 2008, Walker appeared in a commercial for the PBS documentary Make 'Em Laugh: The Funny Business of America, performing a series of brief imitations of famous comedians, from Charlie Chaplin to Stephen Colbert.

In 2009, Doug and Rob Walker, along with Brian Heinz, produced an i Riff of The Lion King for Riff Trax.

Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis and Bhargav Dronamraju created Channel Awesome after they were laid off from Circuit City in 2007.

The three discussed the idea of such a company while still employed, but their dismissal was the impetus to put their plans into action.

That Guy with the Glasses was launched in April 2008.

It showcased satirical reviews of movies, television shows, music, comic books and video games.

On June 28, 2012, Channel Awesome content producers Walker, Lindsay Ellis (The Nostalgia Chick; no relation to Mike Ellis), Brad Jones (The Cinema Snob) and Todd Nathanson (Todd in the Shadows) signed exclusivity deals with Blip, An extension of this deal was a Blip-run You Tube channel called "League of Super Critics", which also uploaded the unedited videos of all four producers, with the exception of Jones, whose videos were edited down from the original version so that the only way one could see the full video was to go to Blip.After a series of scandals, nearly all affiliated creators severed ties with Channel Awesome and departed in April 2018.All of Channel Awesome's content was hosted by Blip or You Tube prior to the former's shutdown in August 2015.Michaud has stated that "if we didn't lose our jobs, [the business] wouldn't have happened anytime soon".At around the same time, Doug Walker, an actor, comedian, writer, and film critic, began posting several satirical video reviews of films and other media on You Tube under the moniker of the "Nostalgia Critic".

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[and attract audiences] to the endless options of online video." According to Walker, "these people are cheap to get because we are happy to see any amount of money".