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The catering team have organised a street food festival to be held Tuesday 16 July – Friday 19 July, 11.30am-2.30pm to celebrate graduation and thank all the staff that contribute to the Loughborough experience.Mark Evans, a Reader in Industrial Design in Loughborough Design School, travelled to Dearborn in the USA to join fellow jury members for four days of on-site judging of the 2019 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).Perched at almost 8,500m on Everest, we paced back-and-forth, attempting to stave off frostbite as temperatures hovered close to -30°C and our drill batteries became too cold to work.Our ambition to install the highest automatic weather station in history looked destined for failure.

These are often squalid, degrading places where detainees are deprived of their most basic human rights and due process.

The University’s Sustainability team is pleased to announce they have received a bronze rating from the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard (SLS) initiative, a tool created by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC).

This Thursday (22 August), more than 80 members of Swim England – based at Loughborough University’s Science and Enterprise Park – will swim a combined 6,000 lengths of the University’s swimming pool, equating to over 150 kilometres.

A Loughborough University academic is developing drone technology to measure the size of small, underwater sediments in a bid to understand how rivers are responding to environmental drivers such as climate change.

Tom Holden will be graduating at Loughborough University this Thursday alongside his peers from the School of Business and Economics, but his journey at Loughborough has been a particularly challenging one to overcome.

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