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The new dating story

It's simultaneously painful and comforting for Sarah to see his username on the list of story viewers.

"Knowing he always watches makes it seem like it would be less weird for me to [text him]," Sarah said.

We'd never reached following-on-Instagram-level intimacy, which meant this ghost searched for my handle and made the very deliberate choice to watch my dumb story.

Thoroughly spooked, I asked my friend, "What does he want, what does this mean!?? The only clear thing was that I was being haunted by a dude whose number I'd never even saved to my phone.

The ghost was caught in my Instagram attic and I had no clue how to set him free.

Ghosting has been a part of the modern dating lexicon for years. To define this horrifying phenomenon, haunting is when someone from your romantic past lingers in your digital present by occasionally watching your Instagram or Snapchat story, or sporadically liking your posts.

Sometimes the “tips” and “tricks” you follow can end up being a disaster, making you put in too much effort for something that shouldn’t be so damn hard.

"Unless [the haunting] makes you realize which I definitely think is the goal of the hauntee — or is it haunter?

" She eventually just unfollowed Becca, and Becca quickly unfollowed her back. A haunt is even more brutal if the ghost is someone more serious — like a serious ex.

There is some solace in being haunted for anyone who's not quite over a breakup, or who wants to believe the ghost might come back from the dead.

As much as she's spooked by her ghost, Sarah would be even more spooked if he suddenly left. "This is the only way I know that he still thinks about me, even if it's for the eight-second story.

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“Breezing” is a simple dating trend that focuses on not caring. It’s about being carefree, confident within yourself, and not worrying too much about what you’re supposed to be doing and what he’s thinking. It’s easy to fall in step with the dating rules, like not texting a guy you like right away out of fear that he’ll think you’re too clingy. It suggests you should text him right away if you feel like it (gulp). You meet up with him just because you feel like it. But that’s what’s so cool about it: instead of making your feelings “a big deal” because you’re worried how you’ll be judged by them, you’re just letting them out because you don’t care if you’re judged. Breezing basically says, “This is who I am, so screw the dating rules.” You leave the date and get on with your life instead of thinking you should’ve done X, Y, and Z to make him like you.

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