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The choices detailed below will get you to maximum affection level with every date that you go out with.The first time you get to hear about Nanami is when she texts you for the first time after the side case.Below is a breakdown of some basic dating information on each of the girlfriends in case you’re struggling.In this Judgment Dating Guide, we will show you how you can go on dates with all the girls in the game.Nanami will then respond herself, and you should ask for a date.Choose the option where you are eager to see her right away.Generally, the more expensive the gift, the higher the trust gain but some items are not liked at all so it’s best to find a single type and run with that.

Once your affection meter goes to max, the girl will confess their feelings for you. Below we have detailed all the right choices you can make with each girlfriend in the game.

The activity isn’t overly important but your performance is.

For example, winning a Drone Race or winning at Darts, offers more increased trust than not winning. Be nice, understanding, interested in their story, agreeable.

The game makes this easy by giving you some hints as to what your best response should be and how your much affection is being raised for you.

You can go into various dates with the girlfriends that will increase your relationship level with them.

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Your response should be by saying that you are glad that they are safe.

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