The dating jungle which animal are you

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The dating jungle which animal are you

Jungles and rainforests play home to almost 50 percent of the world species.Studying jungle animals is a great way to learn about the natural resources jungles offer as well as the biodiversity of interesting animals including insects, birds, reptiles, and mammals.Clean its sleeping place and make its dirty fur and horns shiny again.Equip the majestic creature with some powerful armor and add match...; Help the fairy take care of a beautiful dragon in this magical dress up and makeover game!Pay close attention to Baby Hazel and give her wh...; In this fun Magical Pet Maker game we invite you to create your favorite little animal, be it a kitty, a puppy, a bunny, a pony, or even a baby dragon!Play around and experiment with hybrid animal...; An exciting online playground if you love animals and outdoors.

As Hazel is at...; Uncle Sam has invited Baby Hazel to take a tour of his farm so that she can meet all of the cute animals and learn more about the family business.

Tend to its wounds, give it some medicine and clean its dirty fur.

Thanks to your good care, it's looking much better already!

It loves playing in the tropical forests of Madagascar, but it's quite clumsy.

Help the little primate and free it from the ...; Take care of a fantasy tiger in this magical makeover game!

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Afterwards, fee...; Take care of your best friend, a cute fox!

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