Taylor swift and austin mahone dating

Posted by / 01-Feb-2020 16:19

That’s not exactly a winning track record, and Taylor Swift’s sage advice is just asinine.To help Selena get over Justin Bieber, a young and immature singer Taylor’s suggestion is for Selena to date an even younger immature singer? Katy may not have a large body count but she is currently committing an even bigger dating faux pas by even being seen with the epic tool otherwise known as John Mayer. He has a horrible reputation as he can’t help bragging about the women he dates in great detail to whoever will listen.

Selena must REALLY have a thing for singing teen idols and no one would know that more than her BFF Taylor Swift. Apparently Swifty thinks age ain’t nothing but a number because she decided to introduce the babyfaced couple after Austin opened for her on her evidence T-Swift isn’t JB’s biggest fan, we’re sure she’s happy Selena is canoodling with anyone BUT the troublemaker.If the men that brave the elements to take away my trash every week didn’t show up, I’d miss them.However, If Selena Gomez retired from lip synching, my ears would thank the universe.The freshly minted twosome have been trying to have been trying to keep their status under wraps, they can’t hide anything from us!Over the weekend they were seen leaving the Beats Music event in El Lay separately, but they totez got into the same ride.

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Why doesn’t she just slow down and put her energy into developing some sort of discernable talent instead of hitting high school commencements looking for a boyfriend?