Татуировки pink floyd

Татуировки pink floyd

Something a bit different for this set of contributions — the artist’s work appearing on human canvasses for a change! Since receiving our first set of tattoo pictures, others have submitted their own, highly personal body art for the rest of the Floyd community to enjoy. If you are reading this, and have one or more Floyd tattoos, do please let us know — and don’t forget the photos to prove it!

As with the other pictures in the gallery, please click the thumbnails for the full image.


Otis Watts was so inspired by the 1994 concert performance by Pink Floyd that he saw, he was compelled to mark the occasion with this tattoo, unifying The Dark Side of the Moon with Wish You Were Here.

Otis said: «I was so in awe of their performance at Death Valley football stadium in Clemson SC that I had [the] tattoo made. I would love to share it with all the fans worldwide. «

This tattoo is the latest addition for Jean-Claude Gagné. It’s a nice, original design!

The following tattoo comes from Kevin Sequeira. Here, he tells the story behind it:

«I totally am crazy about Pink Floyd — hence the tattoo. But it was a spontaneous decision.

«I never thought that I would get any tattoo done. One day whilst hanging out with my friend (a tattoo artist) he just asked me if I would ever get a tattoo done on me. I said I am not sure. He told me whatever or whenever I do it to make sure that it really means something to me. I had only one thing on my mind then.

«And I got it done 20 minutes later. «

The tattoo here appears proudly on the ankle of Alain Azar, who suspects that it is the only Pink Floyd tattoo to be found in Lebanon! However, if you know different, do let us know. Thanks for sending this in, Alain.

This incredible piece adorns the back of Amie Askew-Bertolini who lives in West Yorkshire, England. The tattoo artist was Mark Preston from Wakefield, and he’s done a great job. Must’ve taken ages.

These three pictures show what Neil Davenhill calls a «work in progress». Nicely done so far, Neil!

Our friend Sami Virtanen has also shared his latest tattoos here. The artist’s name is Outi, she works at Omenart Tattoo in Finland.

The following, quite incredible tattoo adorns Tina Dobravec and makes for an absorbing and eye- catching sight. We’ll just let the picture of each side of her torso speak for itself. click on the picture to see it in more detail:

For the first of our latest tattoos, over to the canvas himself! «I am Manish Mattawar from India and currently working in the USA. Pink Floyd has been one of the most favorite bands and their music is heavenly beautiful to me. Comfortably Numb is the most meaningful and beautiful phrase I have ever heard and it suits me so well. This is my 2nd tattoo, 1st being Led Zep’s Zoso.

«I spend quite a lot hours designing it because I wanted it to be something different. I also analyzed all the tattoos on Brain Damage’s gallery to see if I can get inspired by something and I definitely did by Matt’s tattoo with The Dark Side Of The Moon’s cover, inside the wall. I started designing my own in something similar way except to write Comfortably Numb in the broken wall. I chose the Floydian font to write the words Comfortably Numb, this definitely added more beauty to the words. The artist Andrew in Pueblo CO did an awesome job by adding those cracks inside the wall and making it look so real.»

This addition to the gallery is from Elliot Harris. He tells us that «the words are Latin and mean ‘there is no dark side'». An interesting addition to the iconic prism.

The following, rather intricate tattoo is worn by Luke Thompson. Luke tells us that the artist is Jose Carlos from Terceira, Azores, Portugal.

The following tattoo comes from our friend, Sami Virtanen, who lives in Finland. He told us: «I was so impressed by Roger’s The Wall shows that I had to get a new tattoo!» The tattoo can be found on his arm.

This tattoo is worn proudly on the arm of Ted from the UK.

The following tattoo comes courtesy of Mathew Williams:

Matt said: «This is my first tattoo, at the age of 20. It combines The Wall with The Dark Side of the Moon album cover breaking through it. I’ve loved and will forever love and support my favourite band Pink Floyd. I got it done by Ami Williams at State of Art in Swansea.»

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The following, very striking tattoo comes courtesy of the forearm of Katie Osborne:

She told us: «I got Comfortably Numb on my forearm because it is one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs and I feel that it defines me well.»

A nice, simple, but effective design!

The following has been submitted by Tracy Rose, who wanted to share her tattoo «for others’ viewing pleasures, as I enjoyed theirs!» The excellent, and finely detailed design was done by Pennsylvania ink artist Justin Bolonski, formerly from Wizard’s World Of Tattoos. He was able to open his own shop and now runs Integrity Tattoo.

Tracy’s choice of tattoo was inspired by her love of a particular track. «Shine On You Crazy Diamond is my all time favorite song (you can see the lyrics within the tattoo) and I love the diving man. I hope the world enjoys some good art.»

Pink Floyd fan Paul Szczypka was spotted by our friend Mark Cunningham while he was at a community event, and Mark was taken by the incredible tattoos that Paul was sporting.

We asked Paul about the tattoos — why he had them, how long they took, and where he got them done: «Glad you liked the tatts. The reason for having them done is quite simple really — I am a life-long Floyd fan, I bought Dark Side Of The Moon when it was released aged 11 and never looked back. I’ve seen them on every tour since The Wall through to Live 8, including David and Roger’s solo tours.

«The choice of albums was a mainly down to what would fit in with the basic Wall design; originally it was just an upper sleeve but extended onto my chest and back. They took about 35/40 hours altogether. I need one more on my chest and back, but haven’t decided what yet.

«I have to mention the artist and studio: Iain Parry at Shamanics Tattoos in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex.»

The tattoo below is a wonderful example of how effective some nice, detailed black ink artwork can be. Adorning Charles Gray’s back is the adaptation of the Shine On boxset design, bringing in the iconic Wall hammers, the DSOTM prism, and an eyeball from PULSE:

Turning now to Ernie Tedesco’s back, we find a fine example of a highly imaginative, and boldly coloured, montage of classic Floyd imagery. This must’ve taken some time to complete!

The tattoo artist’s name is Brian Donovan, from Davidian Tattoo in PA, USA. More details at Davidiantattoo.com.

Floyd fan Liz Scinta from Buffalo, NY sent us the following. «My tat isn’t a big one like the others you’ve received so far, but out of my 5 tats, this one is by far my favorite. It’s of ‘Pink’ from the wall. It was a birthday present from my boyfriend who is also a huge Floyd fan. Was done by Cat at Strange Brew which is in Buffalo, NY. I had taken the design from one of the pictures that was in the guitar tab book we have for The Wall.»

Thanks Liz — it’s a nice, different Floyd tattoo, that works well.

The following is a really nicely done, Wish You Were Here themed tattoo that belongs on the arm of Derek G:

The following is a Wall-themed tattoo, that Noel had done on his shoulder/at the top of his right arm:

BD visitor Harry has been in touch; he’s had a tremendous number of tattoos done, and it’s well worth going over to his website which is www.iloverogerwaters.com.

If YOU have one or more Floyd tattoos, we’d love to see them! Please contact us via the normal email address.

Пинк, Рианна или Джоли: у кого из звезд больше всего татуировок

Когда-то давно татуировки считались чуть ли не клеймом. Их носили только байкеры , моряки или гангстеры. Сегодня татуировка — это способ самовыражения. Все , о чем ты думаешь , все , что ты чувствуешь , или все , чему ты поклоняешься , можно « изобразить» на своем теле. А некоторые знаменитости превратили свои тату в настоящие визитные карточки.

Cosmo рекомендует

Масло, мыло, безумие! Айза распаковывает бьюти-бокс от Cosmopolitan!

Тренд на комфорт: топ теплых джемперов в рубчик, которые сделают тебя модной

Анджелина Джоли

Одна из самых желанных женщин планеты Анджелина Джоли — заядлая любительница « разукрасить» свое тело. Татуировок на теле знаменитой красотки не счесть: на спине , на животе , на руках… Первой татуировкой , которую актриса набила в совсем юном возрасте , стал иероглиф , обозначающий « смерть». Таким образом , Анджелина пыталась показать , что не верит в суеверия и не боится умереть. А потом Джоли вошла во вкус — и понеслось! Звезда набивала одну татуировку за другой , и все они , по ее словам , имели и имеют очень важное значение. Кроме уже привычных для девушки надписей , на ее теле также красуются: тигр , крест , амулет и дьявольское число « 13». Давай все же признаем , что Анджелине идет абсолютно все , будь то черное платье в пол или татуировка тигра во всю спину. Настоящую красоту ничем не испортить!

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Меган Фокс

Еще одна красавица в нашем списке — неподражаемая Меган Фокс. На теле этой голливудской знаменитости красуется довольно много татуировок , которые привлекают мужское внимание точно не меньше сногсшибательной внешности актрисы. Как и Джоли , Фокс очень серьезно относится к каждой из своих тату — они выделяют наиболее значимые этапы жизни актрисы. Получила новую роль — «отметила» это на своем теле. Так это и работает! По словам Меган , татуировки для нее даже важнее статуса звезды! Девушка признается , что может отказаться от любого , даже самого выгодного предложения , но ни за что не сведет ни один знак со своей кожи. Однако с одной — своей самой необычной и заметной — татуировкой Меган Фокс все же пришлось расстаться ( когда-то давно на правой руке актрисы было набито изображение Мэрилин Монро). «Мэрилин была неуравновешенным и отрицательным человеком , страдавшим биполярностью. Мне не хотелось бы привлекать такую энергетику в свою жизнь», — призналась актриса.

6 популярных ошибок , которых лучше избегать , наряжаясь на вечеринку


Барбадосская дива Рианна — гордая обладательница двух десятков тату. Откровенные клипы и фотосессии певицы позволяют всем нам не только насладиться ее красотой , но и понять , что эта девушка очень хорошо разбирается в художественной татуировке и балуется нательными рисунками уже не первый год. РиРи любит небольшие , аккуратные тату , количество которых с каждым годом только растет. Первую артистка сделала в 18 лет в Китае — из Поднебесной звезда вернулась с изображением символа рыб за правым ухом. Дальше были маленький скрипичный ключик и нотка над ним , которые чуть позже Рианна перекрыла изображением сокола. Какой рисунок стал следующим , звезда уже не помнит , что неудивительно , ведь сегодня на теле певицы больше 20 татуировок.

Леди Гага

Леди Гагу называют самой эпатажной певицей современности. Она приковывает всеобщее внимание не только музыкальным талантом , но и эксцентричным внешним видом. И татуировки , которых на теле звезды не меньше 20 , играют здесь не последнюю роль. На запястье Гаги можно заметить знак мира , который , по словам звезды , объединяет ее с кумиром — Джоном Леноном. Есть на теле певицы и символ , похожий на цветок лилии, — его « рисуют» люди , пережившие насилие. Кстати , все тату Леди Гага делает только на левой части своего тела. А все потому , что когда-то давно девушка пообещала своему отцу оставить хотя бы одну половину своего тела « чистой от рисунков». По словам певицы , разрисованная часть получила название « сторона Игги Попа», а лишенная татуировок — «сторона Мэрилин Монро». А в 2020 году на теле Леди Гаги появилась особенная для артистки надпись « Мама монстров». Ведь именно так величают диву ее фанаты.

А вот и наша рекордсменка! Певица Пинк — обладательница коллекции , состоящей как минимум из 25 татуировок! И все они появились на теле знаменитости неслучайно. Артистка использует свои тату как напоминание о прошлом. Так , в память о своих собаках Пинк набила надпись « Sir Corky Moore 89−03» на правой руке и «A time to weep. A time to laugh. A time to mourn. Sleep in peace , my darling , I love you» ( «Время плакать. Время смеяться. Время скорбеть. Покойся с миром , мой дорогой , я люблю тебя») — на левой. Также у этой экстравагантной девушки есть татуировки , посвященные маме , папе , брату и подруге Лауре. А поскольку певица , ко всему прочему , является еще и большой поклонницей японского искусства , на ее теле есть несколько иероглифов: символы удачи , счастья , бесконечности , силы и жажды жить. Однако одной из самых интересных и сложных по смыслу татуировок остается штрих-код внизу шеи певицы « 1 9879−11200−1 3», составленный из самых значимых для нее цифр: «1−3» — счастливое число артистки ( 13), «9879» — день ее рождения ( 09.08.1979), «112001» — дата выхода ее второго альбома « Missundaztood» ( ноябрь 2001).

Подготовила Валерия Зубова

Pink Floyd Tattoos

Asia Argento

Asia Argento tattooed her right hand knuckles with the names of four of her artistic idols:

  • “Joe” is for painter Joe Coleman, who is a friend and collaborator of hers. He has painted portraits of Asia and also acted in her 2000 directorial debut Scarlet Diva.
  • “Syd” is for Syd Barrett, a musician and painter who was one of the founding members of Pink Floyd.
  • “Moz” is for singer/songwriter Morrissey
  • “Bob” is for singer/songwriter Bob Dylan

She got the “Bob” tattoo first in February 2020 and then added the remaining three in April 2020. All of the names were tattooed by artist Michele Agostini.

The “Syd” tattoo serves double duty as it also represents her friend Sydney Zekley. Syd has a tattoo of Asia’s name along the side of her finger.

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Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor has a tattoo on her right upper arm in the shape of a diamond. The negative space has the words “shine on you crazy diamond”, which is the name of a Pink Floyd song.

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Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood has a diamond and swirls on the inside of her right ankle, covering up a previous tattoo. It’s inspired by the songs “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd and “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” by The Beatles.

Her original tattoo had the same theme but was more ambiguous. It was a combination of a strawberry and a bird with a tiny diamond next to it, representing The Beatles songs’ “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Blackbird,” and “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.” She got the tattoo after acting in the musical film Across the Universe based on the music of The Beatles. However the tattoo was too detailed for its small size. She told People “Nobody can figure out what it is. It’s supposed to be a strawberry with leaves in the shape of a bird, but everybody says, ‘Is that a ferret sticking out of an apple?’”

With the cover-up she narrowed it down to just one theme and went for a clear and obvious shape.

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«Pink Floyd» World Famous Тату Краска

  • Цвет: Розовый — Pink Floyd
  • Тон: Телый
  • Веган френдли
  • Произведено в США
  • Цена за 1 бутылку
  • World Famous Tattoo Ink — делает революцию в индустрии с их высоко-качественными пигментами. Их преданность и знания как улучшить работу тату-художников делают их востребованными в среде татуировщиков во всем мире.

    World Famous с гордостью предоставляет решение для удовлетворения любых амбиций художника с запатентованной формулой, которая объединяет самые лучшие качества тату-пигментов. Улучшайте работу с этими красками, чтобы сделать татуировки более смелыми и яркими, чем когда-либо прежде.

    Pink Floyd Tattoos

    Musical bands and themes endure as popular body art subjects, and Pink Floyd tattoos usually top the list of favorites. The band’s incredibly visual style of writing combined with a sometimes controversial history help make Pink Floyd body art relevant in today’s culture.

    Get to Know Pink Floyd

    Since 1965, Pink Floyd has enjoyed innumerable accolades for music composition, inspiring lyrics and album cover art. The band rose to quick fame in London’s underground music scene under the leadership of Syd Barrett who, along with Roger Waters, Richard Wright and Nick Mason changed the face of music forever. Almost as quickly as the band began, Syd Barrett’s deteriorating mental condition made it necessary to bring David Gilmour into the fold as a singer and guitarist to cover Barrett’s frequent lapses. After Barrett’s final departure, Waters took over as lyricist and led the band to commercial success with a fusion of progressive rock music and socio-political lyrics teeming with personal history. Intellectual artistry, musical courage and honestly tragic personal stories ensure a lasting place for Pink Floyd in the world of tattoos and body art.

    Designing Pink Floyd Tattoos

    A band as diverse and influential as Pink Floyd means that tattoo possibilities are endless. From graphic interpretations of discography art or lyrics, to photo-realistic homages to band members, tattoo lovers and Pink Floyd fans suffer no shortage of artistic design ideas.

    The Efficacy of Words

    Ground-breaking musical accomplishments aside, much of the power of Pink Floyd lies in the stunning word pictures they paint, seemingly without the contrived insincerity of guile or pretense. The song titles alone might change your life — at least according to die-hard fanaticals — but the magical and innately human dialogs that punctuate each song’s lyrics always make a lasting impression. Most Pink Floyd body art ideas arrive by way of lyrical transportation rather than ordinary epiphany.

    The Wall: Floyd’s 1979 album featured disturbing yet identifiable themes of isolation, dysfunction, drug abuse and familial violence that reached audiences in intimate ways. The Wall’s lyrics and song titles as well as animations from the accompanying film (1982) have spawned visceral tattoos like marching hammers, Pink (film character) himself, fornicating flowers and the famous screaming head.

    The Dark Side of the Moon: Released in 1973 to critical acclaim, this album mocks greed and consumerism while mourning the passage of time. It also reveals Roger Waters’ sorrow over the tragedy of Syd Barrett by providing a generous portion of sheer strangeness overlaid with insanity. Most tattoos inspired by The Dark Side of the Moon feature the prism and refracted light, the green pulse of the album’s inner artwork and the songs’ mystical lyricism.

    Wish You Were Here: Floyd’s 1975 conceptual album focuses primarily on Waters’ fresh cynicism about the music industry and his growing conviction that the band had lost its sense of camaraderie. Like Floyd’s previous efforts, the album presents several heartfelt references to Syd Barrett, in particular Shine on You Crazy Diamond and the title track, Wish You Were Here. This album’s powerful lyrics and haunting imagery along with album cover art have inspired Pink Floyd tattoos like the burning man, the mechanical handshake and a slew of crazy diamond depictions.

    Respectful Homage

    For some, tattoos that pay deference to a single theme, image or particular bit of wordage doesn’t quite convey the testimonial they desire. Or, maybe personal creativity intervenes and the tattoo becomes more of an homage, a collage or any other form of respectful tribute like the tattoos and design ideas in this section.

    Final Inspirations

    Like the band itself, let nonconformity lead the way when you’re choosing Pink Floyd tattoos. Whether you relate to the flying pig from the cover of Animals, or to the Easter Island-like heads of «The Division Bell», remember that expression of individuality and passion always makes the greatest form of body art.

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