Татуировки Bull Skull

Bull Skull Tattoo For Biceps

The Bull Skull Tattoo For Biceps were filled with a special symbolism for centuries, they could tell a lot about a person, his nature and mans personality. Since ancient times, the Great War chiefs and other famous men decorated their bodies with Bull Skull Tattoo For Biceps, telling of their exploits and changing social status.
Modern tattoos for men are much less canonical and filled with symbolism.

More often men decide to get a tattoo in order to give a full play to their brutality, determination, courage and romance. However, it does not make men less meaningful tattoo – male body decorated with Bull Skull Tattoo For Biceps, provokes the increase of a female attention. The Bull Skull Tattoo For Biceps can be considered:
• gothic,
• biker
• Celtic tattoos.

Unchanged demand among the stronger sex are Bull Skull Tattoo For Biceps of dragons and other heraldic animals. Not less popular image of predatory animals and birds – the image of a predator often becomes a kind of totem, the outward manifestation of the inner state of his soul.

Top 55 Best Skull Tattoos Designs and > by Alpha

Skull tattoos and designs for men and women

Tattoos have a language which tell us about your personality and behavior. Tattoos represents your thought and attitude. Sometimes its very easy to understand by seeing your tattoo design that what kind of person you are. So its very important for you to choose a better and suitable design for your tattoo design if you are thinking to have a tattoo on your body. When someone decide to have a tattoo, its seem and build him feel tough. Its a very common problem to decide a cool tattoo design. There are many styles of tattoos presents today. In which Skull tattoo designs is the coolest one tattoo design. which have some special meanings. Like skull tattoos associate with fearless. However skull tattoos designs may be understood as rigid or powerful. skull has long been considered as the vessel of the soul or wisdom of ancestors. If you live life by your own rules go for a skull tattoo and enhance your personality. A skull is synonymous to danger from long time. So in tattoo world it giving an unique meaning. But it cannot be taken as the symbol of death.
Skull tattoos can helps your thought to come alive and your fearless attitude. Skull tattoos can be more creative with other designs and symbols . You can make an experiments with colors to make your design different. There are lot of such combinations which can spark your skull tattoo. today, skull tattoos are so popular that people may love to have skull tattoos just for its cool looks. There are many kinds of skull tattoo categories like Tibetan skull, Sugar skull, rock ‘n’ roll skulls etc . They comes in many sizes, colors and shapes. Skull tattoos can be mixed with some of other designs like crows, snake, roses, or many more other designs as shown below in tattoo pictures of skull. Here we have collect some of beautiful skull tattoo images for you :

1. Its rare that you are looking skull tattoos for your leg but look at this design and its seems to be perfect for leg.

2. This skull head tattoo looking very appealing and symbolic for men and women both. It can be more beautiful by using some tribal stuff or layers in it.

3. This girl wear a skull tattoo on her leg and showing its symbolic of a badass brave spirit.

4. Skulls can be used to express the time of someone’s death .

5. Skull tattoo on chest with flower.

6. Skull tattoo design on half sleeve.

7. A colored skull tattoo design with roses.

8. Some combinations of small skull tattoos on upper sleeve. Tattoo design like this also have on Wwe Superstar Randy orton ‘s both sleeve.

9. Getting a skull tattoo design like this on the back is also great for men and women.

10. Black and grey skull tattoo design with rose on shoulder.

11. This can be an amazing skull tattoo design so we add this skull drawing design here that anyone like it and choose it for his/her tattoo design.

12. A simple pirate Skull tattoo design on bicep.

13. Skull tattoo with flying birds and written quotes on thigh which is looking awesome.

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14. A cansy Skull tattoo design which is not so much popular but these are good as simple designs.

15. Skull tattoo design with rose on Side rib cage.

16. Belfast Skull tattoos design looking awesome.

17. Black and Grey two male and female skull kissing tattoo on back.

18. A bird crow sitting on a evil skull .

19. Skull tattoos can be used as cover up tattoos like this covering a part of sleeve with these designs.

20. A red skull tattoos design on stomach and chest.

21. A sugar skull tattoo design on upper back with roses.

22. Take a look at this dangerous pic of Skull tattoo design which is made up on chest.

23. Black Skull like Halloween kind tattoo design on upper back shoulder of a men.

24. Awesome Skull tattoos design on side ribcage of a man.

25. Two lovely couple of skull kissing and butterfly with roses on back .

26. Amazing 3d Skull tattoo design on hand ,

27. five skulls images on back of a women.

28. Small sugar skull tattoo design on wrist. These kinds of designs can be used behind the ear as well for girly style tattoos.

29. Lame skull tattoo design on hand. Harley Davidson riders having these kinds of tattoos all over their bodies.

30. koh phangan Skull tattoo on head.

31. koh phi phi Skull tattoo on half sleeve.

32. A beautiful piece of Skull tattoo design on arm.

33. An animal skull tattoo designs for men and women.

34. Realistic Skull tattoos with flames .Its looking like its burning with red fire on inner bicep.

35. A jester skull tattoos with red rose and a bird and a mike.

36. A black simple skull tattoo design wearing black head top hat.

37. Skull tattoo design with meaningful quotes can be the best ideas for getting a tattoo design.

38. A Mahican skull tattoos on right arm using watercolor style tattoo ink.

39. A tiny cross bone small skull tattoo design which is a symbol for danger.

40. This one is unique style of skull tattoos which complete both full sleeves and chest.

41. vector skull tattoo design on sleeve.

42. A skull can be used to express a change in lifestyle; or giving up of a particular practice or outlook.

43. Skull tattoo design drawing for free . This design can be a perfect skull tattoo design for back.

44. Skull tattoo with time used to represents the death time of any related person. Its used for someone’s memory.

45. A simple skull tattoo design on hand.

46. Skull tattoo looking on forearm very classic and colorful.

47. skull tattoos in the world, mostly as ninety-nine per cent are inked on the arms.

48. A watercolor using skull tattoo design on shoulder.

49. Full sleeve covered with skull tattoo with roses and ships is the symbol of pirate.Skull tattoos

50. A beautiful Mexican skull tattoo design on thigh.

51. An american style skull tattoo design.

52. A Japanese skull tattoo design on half sleeve.

53. This women wears a black and gray skull tattoo design where eagle are flying. This types of large skull tattoo design should be on back .

54. Butterlfy tattoo design using some small skull tattoos.

55. zombie boy skull tattoo designs are also poplar take a look at this design which completing full chest and arms with its dark colors and quotes.

All image credit goes to : Tumblr and Pinterest.

So these are the best skull tattoo design gallery for men and women both. I hope you like some of cool designs for your tattoos or have an idea now for your tattoo design after seeing these beautiful tattoo pictures. Check out our other cool tattoo designs articles.

Bull Tattoo

What can only be described as a massive beast, the bull is an animal that is not to be trifled with. Since before recorded history, bulls have held a special spot in human culture. Going back 17,000 years, the bull has been appearing in cave paintings. In the ancient Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, the mythic Bull of the heavens plays a role. This goes all the way back to 2150 BC. The reference of the bull even goes so far as making an appearance in the form of the Taurus in the zodiac. In the Hindu religion, Nandi is a bull that is worshiped because it is the vehicle of the Shiva and is depicted in many capacities. In addition to being worshiped in other cultures, the bull is also very popular mascot across the world.

Bulls have a strange relationship with humans overall. We use these animals to procreate with cows so we can factory farm and use them for meat. We worship them in some cultures and it’s illegal to touch them. Bulls are ridden for sport and if you can stay on for 8 seconds you did well. In addition, you’ve got the Running of Bulls in Pamplona where people try to avoid getting run over by these beasts. Once popular, the sport of bull-baiting was finally banned in 1835. This was when a bull was attacked by dogs bred to be attack dogs.

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The above goes to show how bulls are thought of in all corners of the world. It’s strange how a creature can be so revered in some areas and then treated so cruelly in other parts. Whatever the case may be, bulls are an important animal in the world and it’s no surprise this animal is tattooed all over people across the world.

A bull is an adult male cattle. The bull is more aggressive and muscular than its counterpart called the cow.

Bull Symbolism

The bull can stand for many qualities in a person. Having the bull tattoo on your body is a statement to let everyone know that you possess these qualities. Some of the meaning behind the bull tattoo are as follows:

– Resilience
– Provision
– Death
– Power
– Strength
– Harmony
– Courage
– Spirituality
– Sexual Competency
– Protection

Variations of the Bull Tattoo


The tribal bull tattoo can be described as a symbol of Paganism, spirituality and power. The tribal bull tattoo is also connected to symbols of strength and power. As with most tattoos, the tribal tattoo is a bold statement. However, the thick black ink on a tribal tattoo makes it stand out even more and while it has a minimalistic look, this tattoo will turn heads.


Taurus is Latin for the word “bull”. It refers to a few different topics including the constellation, the mythological bull named Taurus and the astrological sign for example. In many cases you’ll see the astrological sign of Taurus on the body many people. The traits of the Taurus include being ambitious, sexual and practical. They say the people born under this sign have an eye for beautiful things. Positive traits of the Taurus include being generous, dependable, down to earth, independent, patient and persistent. Some negative qualities include being stubborn, lazy, self-indulgent, frugal, possessive and materialistic.

Bull Skull

The bull skull tattoo is seen on many men and women. It tends to be seen more in the western United States and Texas though. It’s the longhorn state for a reason. Now the Native Americans have been using the bull skull in their art and symbols for many years. When wearing the bull skull tattoo today, it has many of the same meanings as the other bull tattoos. Those include strength, durability, courage and toughness just to name a few.


There are a few teams that use the bull as a logo and mascot. The Chicago Bulls definitely stand out as probably the main team with the bull mascot that most would know. You can also say the Texas Longhorns fit in there as well as the University of South Florida Bulls. The Chicago Bulls of the 90’s really represented a toughness and grit that would coincide with the personality traits of a bull. They won six championships during the 90’s. The Texas Longhorns also have four national championships including their most recent one in 2005. The South Florida Bulls haven’t won any national championships, but they constantly put tough teams on the field. Maybe some of these teams have invoked the power of the bull and applied towards winning games.

Raging Bull

Another way you might see the bull tattoo portrayed is in a mid-jump or “raging” as they might say. There is a saying that goes, “mess with the bull and you’ll get the horns”. This saying didn’t just come out of anywhere. This came about from people instigating the bull or even riding them like in the rodeo. The goal in the rodeo is to ride a bull for eight seconds. However, we would suggest if you’re going to be looking an angry bull in the face, it would be better to do so while it’s tattooed on your arm and not while it’s running you down.

No matter which style of bull tattoo you decide to go with, make sure you find the right shop and artist to help you along the way. In addition, do you research on the tattoo you’re getting. This is permanent so make sure you will want to see 10 years from now.

We hope by reading this you’ll have a better idea on the bull tattoo meaning. Also, take a look at all the pictures below. We hope they will give you a better idea on what kind of bull tattoo to get. If you are still not sure of what you want or know a good artist to see, reach out to us. We love hearing from tattoo fans and would help you with a recommendation. We’ve got years of experience in matching our visitors with the right tattoo artist so give us a chance if you are having trouble.

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Top 30 Bull Skull Tattoos for Men and Women | Amazing Bull Skull Tattoo Designs & >

Bull tattoos for many parts of this body. This record indicates the best areas and styles for obtaining a bull tattoo design. Wonderful list! So you are getting a tattoo also need it to be purposeful, aesthetic, reflects your personality and makes you seem pretty badass. Great! Let us introduce to you a fantastic choice and think about obtaining a bull tattoo.

Bulls are majestic, powerful animals that could reflect a broad quantity of character traits either by design or positioning inside your physique.

If You’re Looking for a tattoo Layout which you may create your own and that’s symbolic significance, a bull tattoo tattoo may be the one for you. They may be made in several distinct ways and while widely used to a point, they aren’t mainstream.

The bull’s skull tattoo is very There’s a long tradition among Native Americans and in Mexico to utilize bull skull pictures in art. You will find a Number of different reasons for the prevalence of the picture. Some Native From all organic components. Nowadays, the picture still reflects the features of The bull, for example courage, courage, and endurance.

Татуировки Bull Skull

The skull tattoo is the rebel’s hallmark. It has maintained popularity throughout generations, with its simple, bold aesthetic, often understood as a symbol of death and mortality. But skulls aren’t only morbid; they can also stand for optimistic ideas, like overcoming obstacles or protecting valuables. If nothing else, these die-hard symbols may remind us to live life to the fullest. If you’re interested in learning more about the meanings behind different skull tattoo designs, check out our skull tattoo dictionary below!

Skull Tattoo Dictionary

Bull Skull: popular in Texas and the Western United States, the bull skull tattoo design is a symbol for strength, courage, and agility.

Celtic Skull: In Celtic culture, the skull was viewed as the seat of the soul. As such, this unique tattoo design has come to represent portals of new understanding, power, and transience.

Cross-Bones Skull: this classic skull tattoo design is based on the pirate’s emblem, and it stands for the ruthlessness and despair associated with the life of a pirate. The cross-bones can also represent poison.

Death’s Head: also known as totenknopf in German, the Death’s Head is a skull design that has origins in Elizabethan England. This rendering shows a skull without a lower jaw, and it represents moral looseness. Drug dealers and prostitutes often wore these designs to indicate their business.

Grim Reaper: perhaps the most straightforward of the skull designs, the Grim Reaper skull is adorned with a long scythe and a black robe, and it represents courage, good fortune, and the circle of life.

Mexican (Sugar) Skull: in Mexico, the Day of the Dead is a popular celebration where families get together to make decorated skulls out of sugar or candy. These skulls stand for a celebration of life.

Rose Skull: a skull with a rose held in its mouth is a popular tattoo design that symbolizes the duality between life and death.

Serpent Skull: often depicted in the American traditional style, the skull with the serpent is a gothic symbol that represents knowledge’s persistence beyond death. The snake is a symbol of knowledge and secrecy, and the skull is a symbol of death.

Shakespeare Skull: In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Hamlet laments the death of his jester, Yorick, remarking that he was a “fellow of infinite jest,” while gazing at his skull. This skull symbolizes life’s absurdity and the union of comedy and death.

Tribal Skull: this bold, geometric skull design is in memory of those who have passed away, and it can also stand as a symbol of ghostly appearances from those who have died.

The skull is a widely recognized symbol, and its badass aesthetic has kept its allure over the years. Whether it stands for the sinister or the sanguine, the skull is a powerful image that people can really relate to. If you have any additional points about skull tattoo meanings, let us know about them in the comment section below!

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